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5 Beautiful Wedding Themes to Choose on Your Big Day


So you got engaged – with the man of your dreams. Your emotions were a roller coaster ride on the proposal – Surprised, Emotional, or even Anxious. Then you shouted a big YES and you hugged and kissed.  Life couldn’t be better, right?

And so you start thinking about your wedding – The dress, the bridesmaid, the groomsmen, the groom’s outfit and a whole lot of list to even consider. And you start to panic and think, “Where should I start???”

To be honest, planning a wedding can either be fun or a full time job but one thing is for sure, planning a wedding starts with choosing the perfect theme. With choosing the theme, you will be able to play around with colors, decorations, cakes, food and a whole lot more.

Here are suggestions on beautiful theme weddings in the Philippines:

1. Color Scheme Theme can be the easiest theme for weddings. You just have to pick your favorite color and apply it to everything. Well, not everything, but almost always – From cakes, decorations or even to the waiters / waitresses bow tie can wear the same color with your theme. How fun is that!


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2. Spring Theme is one of the most popular. Face it, you probably have heard from your friends or officemates or you probably have seen it yourself that Sakura – which only blooms during springtime – has to be one of the most beautiful thing to look at especially during night time with dim lights. You can ask to have a setup of a Sakura tree on your reception. If light pink is just too dainty for your taste, you can choose other flower themes color such as yellow or lavender. These are the colors of daffodils and tulips which only bloom during spring time. But if spring is not your forte, don’t worry; you have 3 more seasons to choose from: Autumn, summer or winter.


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3. When we think of fairy tales, most often we think about Princes, horse-drawn carriages, poofy white dresses. This theme spells E-L-E-G-A-N-T. There is no restriction to colors for this one. You can use any type of color schemes. The main spotlight here can be your accessories like a tiara on your head or your very own glass slippers. Enjoy this Cinderella moment. *wink*


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4. Beach Themes are another popular theme. It’s simple, intimate and romantic. This theme focuses more on the venue and the beautiful backdrop – the sunset. You can read more about it here

5. Garden Themes are all about flowers, the bushes, the trees and the fresh air. Open air venue is the way to go with this theme. A flower crown for your headpiece is a must so that you will feel and look like a goddess. You can also setup a small veranda for the ceremony or the reception for you and your husband. Imagine how magnificent it is to dance under the stars with the love of your life.


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But whatever theme you choose, just remember this is your big day. You have to choose something that makes you happy. Joyful weddings wedding coordinators can help you more to achieve the perfect wedding for you. Contact them for more info.

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