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Do’s & Don’ts – Planning a Destination Wedding

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Spontaneous and Romantic are two words to describe when a couple chooses to have a destination wedding in the Philippines. We have some Do’s and Don’ts listed to give you an idea on what to expect.


1. Choose the wedding date.
First things first, couples that are engaged to be married should choose their wedding date. For couples that have Chinese blood, they would consult the temple and ask when the best date to get married. For some, they would choose their anniversary date as to when they started dating. For others, they would choose the date that has the same birthday as the bride or favorite number of the couple or the date that has the same number (ie 08-08-08, 05-05-15 or 07-17-17). It depends on the couple – really.


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2. Choose the Location.
There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the location.

Guests – if most of the guests are not from the location that was chosen, then the couple needs to think of accommodation for their guest. It does not necessarily mean that they will pay for the guest’s hotel but it will mean a lot to the guest if the couple will give suggestions. The couple can tie up with a local hotel and negotiate a deal to give discounts to the guests that will stay at the hotel.

Venue – Choose and Reserve a place that accommodates all your guests and is also near to their hotel or place they are staying. If ever the venue is far from the guests accommodation, bus or big vans can be arranged to take them to the venue.

Air Fare – Taking advantage of cheap airfare is the way to go. Book flights early before the wedding date to save on airfare.

Events – Check local events on the location. It will be a big problem if your wedding date will have the same date as one of their local festivals or events. Accommodations will be a problem and the place will be very crowded.


3. Send Save-the-Date Invitations.
Now that a date has been set and the location has been chosen, it’s time to send the save the date invitation. Save the Date invitations can be creative at this point. Designs such as passports or airline tickets can be used. Skies the limit, if you know what I mean.


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4. Hire a Wedding Planner.
Hiring a wedding planner is the best investment you can ever spend on. Wedding planners are useful especially if they know the place well. They can ensure that your guests and your wedding are in good hands.


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5. Have your Honeymoon on the same Destination.
This is the best budget saving technique for couples. Instead of having to have another expense on your honeymoon, why not have the ceremony and the honeymoon in one place? This will save a lot of expenses.


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1. Make Guests feel unwelcome.
Couples invite their guests for a reason and that reason is to witness their most beautiful moment of their life. Guests should feel like VIP – remember: they went out of their way to attend the wedding. Guests attending their destination weddings are in a way having their vacation too.
2. Wear clothes that are not weather friendly.
If the destination wedding is tropical, dresses or outfits should be tropical weather friendly. It will be such a pain if you are wearing winter friendly clothes for a tropical weather, right?
3. Forget to have a backup plan.
One thing you should not ignore is having a backup plan. It’s common knowledge that not all plans are 100% perfect sometimes plans backfire. So always have a backup plan.

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