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Planning a wedding: Stress and avoiding them

Planning a wedding: Stress and avoiding them

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We all have this image of a perfect wedding. You, with the beautiful white dress. Him, with the elegant tux. Both of you surrounding with gorgeous white flowers in front of all your friends and families. Your wedding is perfect.. Or so it seems.

If it’s one thing that all bride’s know is that STRESS is clearly upon them when planning their wedding.

1. Someone will always comment on how you plan your wedding. Even if it is your wedding, there will always be that “someone” who just cannot resist as to comment on how you planned the wedding.

Tip: Have an open ear. It doesn’t hurt to listen to their opinions and weigh if their opinions do makes sense or not. It is also a good idea to have a plan B on every plan you create.

2. Your groom-to-be will always say “That’s okay.”, “Looks great.”, “Sure”. Boys will always be boys. Some guys just do not have an talent for detail and will just leave it up to you to do all the planning.

Tip: Choose on the items that you really need your groom-to-be to say “Yes” to. As far as we know, they only care that you show up to the wedding and saying “I do” on your vows.

3. Your parents or his parents would want to get involved. Parents love to meddle even if it is your wedding. It’s because they have some experience on planning the wedding themselves.

Tip: Choose some items that you want your parents to have a decision on and make a compromise. If, for example, you do not like how they choose the list of songs for you first dance, you can always give a suggestion that perhaps you can use the remix edition instead of the original. See? Compromise.

4. Old friends whom you never heard for a long time suddenly contact you. We all have that friend. That friend who waltz out of your life for XXX years ago and suddenly waltz back in because you are getting married and would want to fish for an invite.

Tip: Try not be swayed by their “Hey! How are you? I heard you are getting married! We have so much to catch up on.” conversation. Always assert a firm “No” on your part. You already allocated your guest list and that friend was never there in the first place. Harsh but true. Besides, you have a tight budget on your hand.

5. There will be tears. Tears can be yours or someone in the family or even your friends. You will be frustrated as to how the planning is going on because everyone has their own opinion and comments. Some may even question who you invite.

Tip: Stand firm. Always remember that this is your wedding and not theirs. Stick to your original plan. Do not be so flexible that whatever they say – you will definitely change just to please them.

These are just common problems encountered when planning a wedding. It can be hard, trust me – we know.  That’s why joyful weddings is here to help you out with your wedding planning.

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